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how it works


Begin by completing a quick 5-minute questionnaire. This initial step helps us determine if you're a suitable fit for the role of a Socialite Creative Director. Don't worry, it's straightforward and won't take much of your time.


Socialite is a new category of service altogether. Hence, we have created a framework that’ll help you get started on your initial projects easily. The onboarding only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll be ready to unleash your creativity in no time.


Once approved, our user-friendly platform will match you with on-demand projects that align with your skills and preferences. We ensure that the projects you receive resonate with your unique creative vision.


After you've helped create impressive video content, you'll be paid securely. We use fixed-price protection to release client payments at approval. This means you spend less time chasing payments and more time doing what you love — helping create and earning.


find out if socialite is for you

Are you a creator, influencer, video marketing maverick, videographer, editor, or another video production virtuoso?

If so, Socialite invites you to join the world’s first platform that can catapult your career into the stratosphere of creative direction.

Help brands and businesses create mind-blowing video content. As a creative director, you’ll guide them on a thrilling journey, from script to screen, using just your experience and creativity.

And the best part, you can do it all without even leaving your cosy sofa. You heard that right – it’s all done remotely using our unique framework that’ll help you become a world class (remote) creative director.


core benefits


With a whole world of clients at your fingertips, you can bring your creative magic to the global stage.


No more settling for less. We match you to the projects that tickle your fancy, and get paid what your creativity is worth.


Toss stuffy briefs and agency politics out the window. We give you the reins to your creative kingdom.


Toss stuffy briefs and agency politics out the window. We give you the reins to your creative kingdom.


Toss stuffy briefs and agency politics out the window. We give you the reins to your creative kingdom.


Forget the dry spells. Enjoy a steady stream of projects that keep your skills sharp.


Make your own schedule and work anywhere. From your home, a buzzing café, or even the beach


Showcase your skills as a creative director and take your career to new heights.


Your work deserves the spotlight. We’ll help you build your brand and gain recognition on a grand scale.



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Socialite Virtual, what’s that?

Think of Socialite Virtual as your invisible film crew. We help you create suave, professional videos right from your cozy couch or from that office chair you’ve formed a bond with. No need to step outside, we bring the magic of a film set to your screen.

How do Virtual Shoots work?

It’s just like a regular video call, but a whole lot cooler. Picture yourself having a breezy chat with our shoot director, who’s there to guide you every step of the way. Then, our editing wizards wave their magic wands and voilà, your raw footage is transformed into a sleek, professional video.

Why should I go for Socialite Virtual?

Because we’re all about making your life easier. Socialite Virtual is your ticket to creating quality videos without the hassle. No more fretting over time, effort, or discomfort. Plus, we’re way kinder to your wallet than traditional video production.

How does Socialite Virtual make top quality affordable?

We’ve harnessed the power of virtual technology to ditch the heavy costs of traditional video shoots. No more shelling out for travel and equipment hire. We provide first-rate quality without the premium price tag. Let’s call it budget-friendly brilliance!

Why won’t I just shoot the videos myself?

Sure, you can film your own videos, but we bet your time and wallet won’t love the process as much as they’ll adore Socialite Virtual.

Picture this: a semi-pro content creator takes about two hours to craft just one minute of short-form video. But with us? We’ll have it done in a snappy five minutes. Time is money, after all!

Plus you get the professional touch that’s hard to achieve without the right expertise and technology.

Our seasoned shoot directors guide you through the process and our editing team transforms your raw footage into polished, professional-grade videos. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures a quality result that stands out.

Why do I need videos for my business?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you’ll agree that a video is worth a million views!

As we say, videos are the next best thing to one-on-one human interaction itself. Especially, when it comes to building trust and engaging your users.

It’s no surprise, that videos are becoming the crème de la crème of content marketing.

Look at the biggest digital platforms out there and you’ll see why they are pushing video content more and more.

After all, videos are engaging, immersive, and more memorable than traditional static content.

What kind of ROI can I expect from this service?

The Return on Investment (ROI) businesses can expect from using videos greatly depends on a number of factors such as the content of the video, the marketing strategy used to promote it, and the target audience’s response.

A recent survey found that 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. Moreover, 83% of businesses report that video provides good lead generation, and 87% say video has increased traffic to their website.

Going by these statistics, let’s say you spend $98 on creating a video with Socialite Virtual that generates 100 leads.

And, if even 10% of those leads convert into sales and each sale is worth $100, then the business has made $1,000 from a $98 investment. Wouldn’t you agree that’s a fantastic ROI?

How many videos can I get from a virtual shoot?

We love your enthusiasm. So, here’s the deal: our goal at Socialite Virtual is to churn out about 1 minute of fully edited, top-notch video from every 3 minutes of virtual shooting.

Just think about it – 60 minutes, divided by 3, that’s 20 minutes of stellar video content right there! So, if you’ve got an hour to spare and a lot to share, your audience better brace themselves for a serious content downpour!

Your social media feed will be overflowing with premium video content that will have your competitors running for the hills. Now, how’s that for a productive hour?

How Does Socialite Onsite Work?

Our Onsite production service is like the fairy godmother of digital content, turning the pumpkin that is your social media presence into a glitzy carriage.

We’re talkin’ trending video and photo content that will have your followers’ thumbs stopping mid-scroll.

Once you’ve picked a package (very much à la carte), our team of creative wizards work their schedules around you to lock in a shoot day.

And on the D-day, our crew rolls into your business turf and takes the reins. We’re talking brainstorming ideas, shooting the footage, the whole shebang. After the shoot, the magic truly begins. Our professional editing studio polishes the raw content, adding snappy cuts, dazzling effects, and even a bit of boppy background music to get your audience grooving.

You’ll end up with catchy, conversation-starting content that’ll have your business trending faster than the latest TikTok dance!

What areas do you currently service with Socialite Onsite?

At the moment, we’re aiming to cover all the major metropolitan areas and their surrounds throughout Australia, but our standard packages are currently only available to the Greater Melbourne region.

If you’re not from Melbourne, give us a shout and we’ll whip up a custom quote for you. Depending on your locale, there might be an extra charge for travel, but we’ll give you the heads-up at the time of booking.

And if you’re really out not within our coverage area, our nifty Socialite Virtual service offers remote video production that allows us to conjure up content from anywhere on the globe, right from the comfort of your own place. Learn more about Socialite Virtual here.

How many videos and photographs will I get with Socialite Onsite?

You’re in for a feast, my friend! The amount of videos and photographs you’ll be swimming in depends on the package you opt for:

Opt for our Standard Package and you’ll be the proud owner of:
– 10 edited trending vertical videos
– 10 edited photos
– 10 video clips for your stories

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Our Advanced Package will leave you beaming with:
– 20 edited trending vertical videos
– 20 edited photos
– 20 video clips for your stories

And if none of the above packages fit you well, feel free to customise your package as per your needs. Socialite Onsite is all about delivering your content, your way!

Will I get the edited content or raw?

You will get professionally edited content that is ready to go on your socials, website or on other marketing campaigns.

How long does the shoot take?

We try and keep our shoots crisp and efficient so that there is minimal disruption to your business activity. The shoot times vary according to the package you select

For our Standard Package
Just 1-hour of shoot time

For our Advanced Package
Just 2-hours of shoot time

What do I need to prepare before the shoot?

We get all equipment, professional content creators and ideas along. All we generally require from you is that your premises have been cleaned and tidied up. Before the shoot, we also send a checklist with any other recommended preparations.

How long will it take to deliver the edited content?

Our team will start working on the content as soon as the shoot has been completed. After that, it will take approximately 48 – 72 hours for delivering the edited content to you.

How can I get maximum reach on Social Media using the content you create?

With the quality content, we’ll produce for you, half the battle is already won as far as expanding your brand reach is concerned. For maximum social reach though, you will need to post this content on your socials frequently and consistently.

What is the price for your packages?

Our pricing starts from just $605. Please review this link for more information on our pricing.

Can I get a customised package?

Yes, we can customise a package according to your requirements. Talk to us today!

How Do I Book A Shoot?

We have a dedicated concierge team that can help you book a time. They can also answer any queries that you may have in relation to the service. You can request a call back from the team here: Get Started OR you can call us on +61 3 9028 5627.